90% of the world's wealth is attributed to Real Estate investment. Whether you are investing in your first property or looking to expand your portfolio of properties, utilizing the right strategy is critical in achieving better results.

Investing in the right property requires a series of circumstances, calculations, and valuations to ensure you're income property yields the highest return. Rental Advisor focuses on many different factors to calculate the best investment opportunities to ensure our clients their portfolio is in good hands.

Our team of experts relies on proven strategies and past experiences to deliver the highest potential for each one of clients. Ranging from location selection, upcoming businesses to increase value, average rental price, area job growth, potential costs, market trends and much, a variety of factors are used to help choose the right property, within your budget.

Income property investments provide a series of benefits for investors in Edmonton, which include:

Create an additional source for recurring income

Further, maximize wealth through property appreciation

Gain a better Return in Investment compared to other investment types, such as stocks and bonds

Putting Our Advice Into Action

Our process

Step 1. Personalized Investment Meeting: Create Your Path for Investment Success

During our in-person meeting, together we will establish your budget, goals and initial investment capital needed. We will outline our strategy and walk you through all your options and scenarios.

Step 2. Purchasing Your Investment Property: Igniting Your Investment Plan

Rental Advisor's clients receive a VIP approach to choosing, and purchasing, their investment property that meets your goals. We work together to complete the necessary paperwork, to ensure you are protected, and complete the purchase of the sale.

Step 3.  Put Your Investment to Work: Renting Out Your Income Property

When renting your property, our team of experts looks after the best interest of your home, and your investment. Our marketing strategies allow us to ensure we reduce vacancy with quality tenants while calculating the right rental price to ensure we maximize your cash flow.

Step 4. Protecting Your Property: Management, Maintenance & More

Our team of property management professionals takes out the most significant stress of income properties. We provide ongoing maintenance and continue to manage the property for you, including any minor repairs, contact with tenants and rent collection.

Step 5. Market Watch: Growing Your Investment Potential

Our experts stay up to date on the latest market trends, analyzing how this may affect your property. We outline strategies to maximize on any opportunities with your current property or the potential for new investment properties that match your objectives.

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The Advantage of Working With Remax Rental Advisors

Gain Personalized Strategies for Your Goals

We work together to build a timeline of opportunities based on your goals, budget, and preferences to customize your real estate investment portfolio.

Access Real Estate Experts

Remax Rental Advisors is an extended branch of Real Estate experts, working as a division of Remax Rental Advisors . This provides you with a team of experts who understand the market, assist with purchases and negotiate the best deals for you.

Reduce Stress, Maximize Cash Flow

Advance on your investments without having to worry about property upkeep, tenant requests, and ongoing maintenance.

Remain Compliant

Maintaining an income property requires following strict guidelines and processes when renting out an investment property. Rules and regulations for tenants and landlords can continuously change, which requires staying up to date to remain compliant and protect your investments. Our property management experts stay up to date on the latest changes and exercise due diligence when maintaining your property.

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