What Does Remax Rental Advisors Do?

Rental Advisors is a property management company that is part of the RE/MAX Family servicing the city of Edmonton and surrounding areas.

We have been managing and maintaining residential and condominium properties for many years. During this time, we have established key partnerships with maintenance services, legal services, and marketing strategists that allow us to manage your condo or home with efficiency.

The team at Rental Advisors provides services to owners of investment properties, as well as owners whom for one reason or another, have to rent their personal residence. Managing a rental property can be difficult for even an experienced landlord without the support of a team of professionals are well versed and who have access to maintenance and tenant management services.

We are also landlords and investors so we clearly understand the needs of our clients. Thank you for making us your choice.

The Selection Process?

By reviewing and analyzing our tenants, we can ensure that only the best tenants are selected to live in your condo or home. For tenants, the advantage is that as a property manager, we are available on call 24/7 and have access to professional maintenance services and are specialized in the tenant/landlord relationships.

Simply put, we take the headaches out of being a Landlord.

Why choose Remax Rental Advisors?

As part of REMAX Excellence, we uphold to providing licensed property management services as outlined by the Real Estate Council of Alberta. Also we are transparent and have no hidden costs!

    • No annual fees
    • No re-leasing fees
    • No monthly management fees during an advertising period
    • Licensed Property Managers
    • Audited Trust Accounts
    • Monthly Financial Statements

We handle all landlord services and you will receive our monthly rental income!

How much can my property rent for?

This is our favorite question! We provide a free rental market assessment based on the property details, location and the current market. We also use Geograpical Information Software that allows us to analyze rents in certain areas. We are able to data mine by property type, location, size and several other metrics.

How long does it take to find tenants for my property?

In today's market, we are averaging immediate to 60 days based on the property to find a qualified tenant. We are always looking for the right tenant. We generally sign 1 to 2 year leases, based on the needs of our investors.

How do you qualify a tenant?

Our process is simple. Apply online and submit your application. All applicants go through background checks, landlord references, employer verification and a credit check. Once approved, a licensed property manager will contact the homeowner to go over the application and for final approval.

How is maintenance managed for my property?

Being the Leader in Residential Property Management has it's benefits. We have 24/7 services for any emergency calls. Our experienced maintenance department works with qualified contractors with competitive rates. Our maintenance coordinator will analyze the service call and if it is required work to be completed, we will organize the services. Hassle free for you!

How much are your fees?

We have a one-time service administration fee of $495+GST to start the services. No HIDDEN FEES, no annual fees and no monthly management fees during the advertising period.

Once a tenant is placed, our monthly management fee is 10% of the gross rental income with a minimum of $125 + GST.

What do I need to start the services?

We will require a executed contract, service administration fee, a void cheque and 3 sets of keys. From there we will handle it!