After gaining a reputation for being the best property management company in Edmonton, Rental Advisors is all set to provide our broad property management services in Calgary.

Owners and investors measure the performance of their real estate assets through improved valuations, funds from operations, tenant retention and return on investment. Our primary motive of providing full-time property management in Calgary is to ease the pain and difficulty you may face in managing your rental property.

Rental Advisors isn't limited to just finding you the right tenant for your rental property. We go well beyond property management and focus on return on investment enhancement. We take pride in providing each of our clients with a set of unique strategies that fit their budget and goals, to maximize their investment opportunities.

We advertise your rental property by leveraging our marketing abilities to qualify rental interest by vetting applications and selecting quality tenant to get your cash flow started, eliminating carrying costs.

Our Property Management Services includes:

  • FREE evaluation of your property before getting started.
  • Maximize tenant reach through online marketing.
  • Advertise on top rental listing websites.
  • Professional property photography.
  • 'For Rent' sign placement and removal.
  • Screen applicants and curate quality tenants.
  • Handle all tenant inquiries on your behalf.
  • Inspect properties upon tenant rotation.
  • Monthly rental invoicing.
  • Provide quotes for major repairs.
  • Ongoing property maintenance.
  • Minor repair completion.
  • Friendly service for tenant.
  • Lease renewal and negotiations.
  • Share complete rental market analysis regularly.
  • Manage tenant exits, deposit returns and deductions for damages.

Our commitment helps us in directing the rental income to you by tenants, minimizing delay and providing instant cash flow, by handling the same on our own. We keep track of maintenance costs and monthly property management fees with our cost analysis reporting system.

Why Choose Rental Advisors?

● No annual fees
● No hidden fees
● One-time service administration fee to start the service
● No monthly management fees during an advertising period
● Licensed property managers
● Audited trust accounts
● Monthly financial statements

You can efficiently manage your payments, access reports, and receive updates about your property from anywhere, at any time. Just give us a call at 1-800-704-8086 to get started today.

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