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Posted February 10, 2018 by Rental Advisor

A Complete Guide to Keeping Your Tenants Happy

We have all heard stories of how tenants are negligent, how they don’t pay the rent on time, and how they keep bothering you for seemingly unimportant things. At the same time, we have also heard cases where the landlord is overbearing, unresponsive and maybe too stern. We believe this is always going to remain a grey area, and these stereotypes are not going to go away soon. The only solution is taking the first step and making sure your Edmonton tenant has a warm and memorable stay in your property. Why should you bother? It is because retaining a decent tenant for a longer period is profitable and the cost of tenant turnover is high (tenant turnover refers to the period between two tenancies when your property is not productive). Here’s how to keep your tenants happy during their stay.

Consider Repairs and Renovations

It is the responsibility of landlords to ensure that the property is well maintained and meets health, safety and housing standards. Examine your property before renting it out to a tenant and check if the property needs any kind of repair work, if the paint is spotty, and if some of the basic amenities such as cabinets or windows are functioning properly. Your tenants in Edmonton would not like to reside in a property which is not as habitable, and that is completely understandable.

Price Fairly

You might get a tenant to stay in your property despite it being overpriced but when the tenant gets a cheaper option, there is a strong chance they will move out. Your pricing mix should depend on the location of your property, the amenities provided with the payable rent, the condition of your property and the prevailing market conditions. Landlords now have the added advantage of evaluating the worth of their property for reasonable pricing.

Clarity in the Agreement

Your tenant lease agreement is a vital document which works to protect the original terms that were agreed upon between you and the tenant. Often this lease agreement leads to lots of confusion later on during the tenancy. It would be better if you, the landlord, properly explains the important specifics of the agreement. This prevents any future arguments that will only strain an otherwise healthy relationship. The tenant would appreciate the additional clarity.

Being Attentive

This is one of the more important things to remember if you intend to make sure your Edmonton tenant has a satisfactory stay. It is imperative that you are attentive to the concerns raised by the tenant. Try to get back to the tenant on the same day as them raising an issue; it is understandable if you don’t have an immediate solution to the issue they have raised. But that being said, simply stating that you have received their message and that you are considering a solution for their issue is what really matters. This responsiveness shows that you are not avoiding their concerns.

Stress on Security Features

In the current day and age, security is a high priority for urban dwellers. Alongside the mandatory functioning doors and windows, the tenants in Edmonton really appreciate adequate security measures such as an intruder alarm system or security cameras outside the property. This makes the tenant more secure during their stay, and also provides you with the security that your property is safe.

Accommodating Pets

Pets are considered members of the family, and those families that have them certainly love them. While we understand that some landlords have their reservations, tenants would really appreciate if you could accommodate pets. Pets lead to better mental and emotional health for their owners, and that should be the greater priority.

Room for Personalization

A constant complaint that tenants have always had is that landlords seldom allow them to make changes to the property. If the tenant seeks to drill a couple of holes to hang pictures, or if the tenant intends to install an appliance or a fixture such as a kitchen backsplash, which would involve making changes to the property, you should perhaps be more flexible. If the tenant feels truly at home on your property, there’s a high chance they would extend their tenancy.

Open Communication

Tenants really appreciate more approachable landlords. Starting from the initial meetings, if you are able to make sure the communication is open and smooth, the tenancy is more likely to be a satisfactory one for both the parties. Open and smooth communication is always better as it leads to more transparency, and the tenant would also consider extending their tenancy further.

Don’t Get Over-friendly

You might think of it as ironic if we tell you that there is just one thing some tenants despise more than a cold, business-like landlord, and that is an overfriendly, suffocating one. Although visiting the tenant casually could be an intended as a friendly gesture from your side, overdoing the same could make the tenant feel a little bit harassed. While you do have a right to periodically inspect the condition of your property, it is a must that you give the tenant a minimum of 24 hours notice before doing so.

A Christmas card

A simple, warm Christmas or a holiday greeting card is all that it takes to make the tenant feel more comfortable during their visit. It could possibly surprise the tenant and would make them feel more appreciated. An exchange of a greeting card is a lovely tradition, and sending one to your tenant would pave the way for a more harmonious relationship. This might result in an extended tenancy, which is a great thing if we are talking about quality tenants.

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