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Posted May 6, 2019 by Rental Advisor

8 Tenant Application Form Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you are looking to rent a house, you need to make yourself an ideal tenant. You cannot be careless about your rental application. In a competitive environment, it is important to understand the application process to secure the property you want to rent. So, here are eight mistakes that you need to avoid in your application process, especially with your tenant application form.

Mistake 1: Not Filling the Form At All

Filling out the tenant application form is a necessary process. The tenant application form is a crucial starting point for the landlord to know the background information about every potential tenant. Verbal communication with the real estate agent about the type of house you want and your personal information won’t be effective enough to find the right rental property for you. The application permits the landlord and real estate agent to pass your tenant application form to third parties for the search of your rental property. If you fill the form yourself, the agent can send the correct information to the respective people to provide you with a better service. In Canada, filling out this form is mandatory to get a rental property.

Mistake 2: Not Applying Like a Professional

Every credential that you fill has to be written in a professional format. Many people tend to provide information which is very casual, informal, and incomplete. There can be healthy competition in terms of renting a property. Therefore, if you want your tenant application form to stand out among the other applications, you need to treat the application process as a serious matter. Fill in all required information in a formal way. Ensure to not miss out on providing all the necessary information, especially fields with an asterisk (*) mark next to it.

Mistake 3: Not Knowing What You’re Applying For

If you are unclear with things that you want in your rental property, it becomes challenging to find a unit that suites your wants and needs. To narrow down the search, you need to be aware of what you need and what you are expecting in your rental property. When you clearly mention the kind of homes you are looking for, it is easy to find the right properties.

Mistake 4: Not Filing Your Application Thoroughly

To get a rental property that you have applied for, you need to ensure that all the information is correct and completed in full. As landlords get hundreds of tenant applications, they have to go through every document. If the landlord notices any false information in your tenant application form, the landlord will simply reject your application. Mention any special requirements that you might have such as accommodating pets, people, etc. Providing the correct information can help you find your ideal rental property much faster.

Mistake 5: Missing Out on Co-applicant Details

In this case, a co-applicant is an additional person who will be living with you at the rental property. If you have an additional person with you, like your spouse, parent, or child, you need to provide information about that person. If the landlord has an issue and needs to discuss the matter with the first applicant, i.e. you urgently, but you are unavailable, the co-applicant be the second point of contact. When there is a co-applicant, the landlord can communicate with your co-applicant directly.

Mistake 6: Underestimating the Importance of Form Filling

Handling and signing the application process is just as similar as signing a contract. It is vital to have due diligence and a sound understanding of what exactly you are signing. Take your time to go through the form and read the terms and conditions carefully. For instance, we provide tenant application form with a requirement for authorisation to perform a credit check and verification of employment before submitting the form. When you submit the form, you are authorizing our company to verify the information provided. If the information provided on the form is correct and complies with the documents that you have provided, your application will be sent to the landlord. When you fail to provide the right information in the form, you can be charged with a penalty and your form can be rejected. Make sure that information provided is supported by respective documents when required. Take time to go through the forms and documents to avoid being held responsible for any false information.

Mistake 7: Not Writing a Cover Letter

Try to include a short cover letter with a couple of paragraphs mentioning the reasons you will be a great tenant for this rental property. Include qualities and traits that give you the advantage to be the chosen tenant.

If you avoid these common mistakes mentioned above, you are most likely to submit a successful tenant application form to get your ideal rental property. So, good luck and protect yourself from rental frauds and scams by applying online and choosing reputable property management companies.

Mistake 8: Follow Up

It is important to follow up with the real estate agent if you haven’t heard anything within 48 hours after submitting your tenant application form with the real estate agent. Following up with the property manager can show your interest and expedite the process. So let them know that you are interested in the property and you are happy to provide any additional information that they might need.

Keep all the things mentioned above in mind to avoid making any mistakes in your application form. So, make your application form stand apart from the crowd and create a great first impression to the landlord.