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Posted September 10, 2020 by Rental Advisors

Finding an Apartment During COVID-19

Throughout COVID-19 there have been many challenges, but finding an apartment shouldn't be one of them. 

Having a plan in place to find your new home is important. Here are a few things you can do to help your apartment search go smoothly.


Pandemic friendly tours

With many companies opening up the option for in-person viewings, and others encouraging virtual tours, you have more options to make you comfortable when viewing apartments. Whether you're touring an apartment in-person or virtually, be sure to ask lots of questions so there is no confusion or surprises when you eventually sign a lease. There are additional questions to ask when touring an apartment virtually or via video chat that you should consider, including having the property manager demonstrate the water pressure, show you inside closets and appliances, and walk you through the rental's parking options.

Some companies are also offering self-guided apartment tours, where you book a time slot and view apartments that are available, while not having to come into close contact with anyone. In most cases these will have time restrictions, so coming to these appointments prepared with your list of questions is especially important.


Take your time to find the perfect apartment

The demand for apartments isn't disappearing, and apartment buildings aren't closing up shop. Build your own list of things to look for while choosing your next apartment, and don't feel rushed by COVID-19 to get into a new place. Look at reviews and testimonials for apartments that you may be interested in to get an idea of the culture at a building, or residents' past experiences with a unit. 

Another part of this is understanding what you're signing up for, so be sure to review the lease terms thoroughly and ask questions if anything seems unclear. The Alberta government has created a checklist for tenants to review before signing a lease, which is a great place to start when choosing your next rental home.

Request COVID-19 information

With the unique nature of the current pandemic climate, it's important to understand what the expectations are at apartments you are viewing or moving into. Some things you may come across are restrictions on how many people can be assisting you in your move, renting out an elevator to avoid any contact with other tenants, and having to book a time slot for moving in. If you're renting in a house, you may face similar timed restrictions in any shared common areas, or experience new protocols for having maintenance requests addressed. Getting all of this information ahead of time will save you hassle, and keep everyone involved in the moving and post-moving processes safe. 


It can be stressful moving through COVID-19, but we're all in this together. When you're ready to move forward, we have some great options to get you into a Calgary or Edmonton apartment, prioritizing safety and comfort for everyone.