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Posted May 21, 2017 by Rental Advisor

Finding Trustworthy Contractors on

It is not uncommon to have heard a story about someone hiring a ‘bad contractor’ for home renovations.  Unfortunately, these contractors and companies have given the renovation industry a bad reputation for taking advantage of homeowners, doing terrible work, or leaving work unfinished.
Property owners are nervous when hiring a contractor, especially if the work required comes with a hefty price tag.  You have read through contractor’s websites and endless online reviews, but how can you be sure the company you hire can be trusted, does good work and is not going to rip you off?


Rental Advisors has partnered with, a free online directory of Edmonton accredited renovation companies, contractors and trades.  These companies have all gone through a stringent screening process, passed background checks and are continually monitored.
Keith Riley, founder of, saw the need for an accredited directory of contractors after hearing countless stories of homeowners being ripped off by bad contractors through his Edmonton granite countertop company.  Not only did he want to see homeowners protected, he also wanted to help improve the reputation of the renovation industry.
“RenovationFind is constantly joining with credible companies and together we are building a new reputation of trust, quality and commitment that homeowners can embrace in Edmonton,” said Riley.
RenovationFind RatingAll renovation companies listed on RenovationFind have passed background checks and are continually monitored.  All of the vendors in the directory are checked to ensure that they have legal, credit, and financial clearance, they have a legitimate business license, insurance, and customer complaints are reviewed.  Companies with the highest ratings are also members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
“There are a lot of good companies out there that do amazing work,” said Riley.  “RenovationFind makes sure consumers are protected, promotes good companies that deserve the business and we hope to change the way people view the renovation industry.

How Works

Home owners can search categories on to find an accredited company in their city.  You can rest assured knowing that all of the renovation companies listed on have been screened and are being constantly monitored.
If you own multiple rental property’s you could benefit from acquiring a RenovationFind Membership.  For an annual fee, your membership gives you discounted pricing on renovation services, home repair, décor and related products from RenovationFind partnering companies.  You can save up to 35% on home renovations and repairs which adds up to substantial savings, especially if you have several properties.
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