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Posted March 5, 2018 by Rental Advisor

4 Tips For A Successful Rental Application

In a competitive rental market, finding your next home can be challenging. From finding the perfect home to preparing a winning rental application, the process of finding a rental property can be daunting and frustrating.

Many people experience constant failure in their search for a rental property. While low credit rating and unreliable background are some reasons, surprisingly, most of them who fail to secure a rental property are not always bad tenants. One of the biggest reasons for the failure of not finding a rental is not being well prepared to apply for a rental property. Most tenants find the perfect home, but they fail to provide a complete and appealing application. As a result, they lose out on a good rental property.

Good properties in good locations attract a lot of people. Making your rental application stand out in between a number of other applicants require serious effort. If the agent or the landlord is trying to choose between you and another potential tenant, then you need to ensure that your application not only matches them but also tops them. So, how do you ensure a successful application for rental accommodation? This article will help you out. But, before you proceed to prepare the application it is imperative you find your perfect home.

First and Foremost – Visit the Property

If the property you applied for turns out to be outdated and in a bad condition, then all your efforts will be a waste. There are times when people have to rent properties unseen, maybe they are relocating or staying too far away. But if that’s not the case, then it is always preferable to pay a visit to the property before renting it to make sure it meets your requirements and expectations. Inspect the property, as well as the overall unit during your visit. See if the property is clean and well maintained. Check for the amenities and see if they are as advertised. Also, check the location and neighborhood. You may be in a hurry to prepare the application and sign the lease, but it is imperative that you do that for the right property. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your time and effort. You may want to consult a property management company to help you find the right rental home. If you find the property good enough to rent, then go on to prepare a winning rental application.

An appealing rental application is not just about providing the right details. From your personality to your management and marketing skills, everything is tested when renting a property. Here are some tips to help you win the process of application for rental accommodation:

Have Your Documents in Order

Once you’ve decided on a unit, you will have to fill a rental application form. If you’re a group of tenants, fill the form according to the landlord’s requirements with required details of all the tenants. This helps the landlord evaluate each person and their credibility. Apart from filling in details like name and phone number, you will have to provide certain documents to help the landlord conduct a thorough background check. Applications that are not supported by the requested documentation will not have a good chance of success. Your landlord needs to ensure that you are a credible person and will also be able to meet the monthly rent requirements on time. Photo ID, pay slips, proof of employment, and other required documents will have to be attached with the application. So, make sure you have all your documents in place. You want to provide with the necessary proofs but not confuse them. Hence, provide the potential landlord with the required documents only.

Include a Cover Letter

The application form will require you to attach a bunch of documents. But that may not suffice, especially if you want your landlord to know your unique circumstances. Including a cover letter in the rental application will help you explain why you make a great tenant and it also helps to provide some additional information to the landlord. But make sure you keep the letter short and accurate. Let few paragraphs highlight all the potential information about you.

Provide Credible References

Just like you would evaluate previous tenants and the neighbors to know about the property and its owner, the landlord will also require references to assess your tenancy. Provide references of your previous landlords in the application. If you’ve never rented before, then you can consider professional, reliable people who will be able to give you a good recommendation. Make sure to not list your best friends or family as their reference may not be considered valid. You can consider asking your employer or other reliable professionals to provide a good reference for you. Don’t forget to let all the referees know that you have listed them.

Make the Best First Impression

Whether it is during your visit to the property or the landlord has kept an open inspection, remember your first impression counts. While this is not a tangible part of the application form, it is a crucial step when applying for a rental property. From your dressing to personality, everything will make or break your chance of renting the home. First of all, be punctual. Be presentable and polite during your visit. When talking to them give that little presentation, which explains to them why you make a good tenant. While your cover letter will provide them with the information, nothing beats a face to face meeting.

Implementing these tips to apply for a rental accommodation will help you increase your chance of securing the deal. If you’ve submitted an application for rental accommodation, but not heard from the agent or the landlord for 48 hours or more, then you should follow up. A call or a pleasant message showing your interest in the property may put you on top of their list.

If you’ve been struggling to find a rental home, get in touch with us at Rental Advisors or simply fill this tenant application form. At Rental Advisors, we are dedicated to making you enjoy your rental income without the stress of the day-to-day management of your property. With our expertise in residential property management, we can do that for you!