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Posted July 5, 2021 by Rental Advisors

How to Prepare Your Apartment for a New Baby

Whether your family’s about to welcome a new baby or just considering the prospect, remember this: you don’t need to buy a house to make a home. 

For one thing, the nursery doesn’t have to be in its own room. A small side room or a designated nook in your master bedroom would work perfectly. And two, babies don’t take up much space at all; it’s the baby products that take up space. 

While you’ll need to mentally prepare for a new baby, you’ll also want to physically prepare your apartment too. To do this, first perform a thorough deep clean to remove dirt and buildup. Then, declutter your apartment. Toss anything broken and eliminate clutter by donating anything unwanted. 

Even though it’ll be a while before your infant is crawling, it’s important to consider babyproofing your apartment. Start with just the nursery by removing anything around the crib that could easily be reached. Next cover outlets with childproof sockets and secure all electrical wires. When finished with the nursery, move on to the rest of your apartment. Consider moving breakables to a high shelf or pack them away for safe keeping. 

Avoid buying too much. While some of those trendy baby items may be useful, they aren’t necessary. The only baby products you really need are a crib, small changing table, and drawers for clothing. If your nursery is outside your bedroom, purchase a baby monitor to keep tabs on any sounds coming from your new little one. 

Keep on top of your storage. When your baby outgrows something, sell or donate it. Keeping everything, just in case, can be stressful when you’ve got limited storage space. When it comes to toys, remember a baby’s attention span is short, so there’s no need to overwhelm your apartment with the latest and greatest toys.

An apartment can be the perfect space for your little family. You’ll have less space to chase an active toddler and your little one will always be within earshot.

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