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Posted August 16, 2021 by Rental Advisors

How to Prepare Your Apartment for a New Pet

Welcoming a new pet can bring immense joy to your family. Keep everyone happy by providing a safe place for your pets to live. If this is your first pet, there’s lots to consider before welcoming them into your home.

Lifestyle and living space play a factor in pet care. Before you choose your pet, consider how much space and care they’ll need. Additionally, assessing how much free time you’ll have can help determine what type of pet best suits your family. 

Before you make any permanent decisions, ensure pets are allowed in your apartment. Review your lease and ask your landlord if pets are permitted. Once you have the go ahead, keep your rental safe by protecting it from pet damage before it happens. 

Animals can get stressed, so give them a space away from loud noises and other stressors where they can sleep or hide. For animals in cages, find a spot for the cage that’s not near plants, breakables, or anything reachable through the bars. 

For dogs, hide cords, cover trash, keep cleaners out of reach, and put breakables up on a high shelf. Dogs, especially puppies, tend to chew things when unsupervised or bored. Keep remotes, shoes, and other items safely tucked away in drawers and closets. Adding carpet runners over high traffic areas is a good way to keep your floors from getting scratched or marked up.

Cats too can knock things off surfaces. They also like to chew on or eat plants, so remove any plants that are toxic to cats. Cats also need to scratch; so, protect your walls and furniture by placing a couple of scratching posts throughout your home and try these tips to stop your cat from scratching

Pets usually look for mischief when they’re bored or alone. A tired or occupied pet is less likely to misbehave. Provide plenty of boredom busting toys for dogs and buy a few toys that'll keep cats occupied. Always check toys for rips, choking hazards, and remove any elastic or small strings. 

Pets are family; and here at Re/max Rental Advisors we are proud to offer a variety of pet friendly listings throughout Alberta.