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Posted July 28, 2021 by Rental Advisors

How to Stage Your Rental Property During a Tour

Staging gives prospective tenants an idea on how to use the space and all its possibilities. It can also reduce time a rental is on the market. 

While an empty suite can feel like a blank canvas, most people will have difficulty envision its potential. 

Staging, even with an understated décor, gives potential tenants a preview of the possibilities each space holds. If you’re looking to stage your rental, we’ve got a few ideas to help make the effort successful. 

Focus on neutral tones while adding in a few pops of colour throughout the suite. No one décor will suite everyone, so staging is designed to show possibilities without becoming imposing. Clear neutral tones, with soft or vibrant touches of colour, will provide a homey feel. 

Adopt a minimalist mentality and avoid cluttering the space. Props are always welcome, but each room should feel open with a plenty of space. This way, the potential tenant can envision their own belongings within the design. 

Clean thoroughly and eliminate odours. Empty apartments can assume a musty or damp smell over time. Go through the suite to clean baseboards and carpets and polish surfaces. When not showing the suite, open all the windows and allow the natural air to circulate. 

Look for imperfections and update the suite. No amount of staging can cover wear and tear or scuff marks. Make the suite feel like a fresh new space by replacing anything that’s worn down and continually maintaining the suite. Swapping out the cabinet hardware for updated sets can make a suite feel newer with little cost. 

Add artificial light. Suites without overhead lighting will appear dark during gloomy days and at night. Add in floor lamps or table lamps to brighten the space.

Clearly identify each space and show potential tenants the possibilities. Spare bedrooms don’t always need to be bedrooms, they can be a home office, reading nook, or exercise space. 

A staged rental will usually attract quality tenants looking for long term leases. If this sounds like something you can benefit from, we can help. Re/max Rental Advisors offers a wide variety of property management services within Alberta.