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Posted March 23, 2023 by Rental Advisors

Landlord and Tenant: How to build a good relationship

Building a good relationship with your landlord makes life easier for both parties. Open communication and trust are some of the main things to establish with a new landlord. Your rental experience can be freeing, fun, and fantastic; but without a good relationship with your landlord, it can quickly become stressful. 

Make a good impression with your new landlord by being friendly, and establishing expectations right away. Discuss with your landlord what they expect from you and what you can expect from them. Decide on a preferred method of contact so both parties are aware of the best way to contact each other. It’s best to provide two methods of contact like a phone number and email address. This way there’s a back up for emergencies. 

When you rent a property, you don’t own the space, but you should treat it like you do. While you’re renting, respect the space you live in and keep it clean, tidy, and well maintained. If something isn’t working properly in the rental, submit a maintenance request before the issue worsens. Tenants can tend to a clogged drain, pest control, or burnt out lightbulbs on their own; however, larger repairs must be done by a qualified professional. 

Keep the relationship with your landlord in good standing by always paying your rent punctually. If your life is chaotic, set up automatic payments with your bank so you’ll never miss a payment. Paying rent on time regularly will boost your credit score, helping you in the future. A late payment won’t only hurt your landlord, but it can hurt your financial profile too. In the case of a financial emergency, be up front with your landlord and give them as much notice as possible. Work with your landlord on a payment plan for missed or late rent and ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

All relationships take effort. Strive to be honest, friendly, and understanding with every interaction. A good relationship with your landlord can make rental life fun and stress-free while also providing you valuable referrals when it’s time to move.