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Posted September 6, 2021 by Rental Advisors

Moving Day Checklists: Why Property Managers & Renters Should Both Use One

Moving day checklists are an essential part of any move. But one checklist can help both a property manager and tenant avoid disputes. The property condition checklist will provide both parties a means to record the condition of the rental upon move-in. 

For property managers, it’s important to have a list that catalogues all areas of your rental. Include two columns to record the condition; one for move-in and the other for move out. There should also be space to note any required maintenance issues found during the walkthrough and space for signatures.

Tenants are encouraged to take their own checklist; in the event their new property manager doesn’t have one. Ensure your move-in day checklist details everything in the unit with space for notations. Having a record of the apartment’s condition on move-in day can help ensure the security deposit is returned. 

On moving day, both parties should do a walkthrough of the rental together, before anything is moved in. Fill in the checklist as you walk through the property. Allow the tenant to point out any concerns and make sure you both agree on the condition. If more than one tenant is renting the property, insist the walkthrough be done with all parties. When complete, everyone needs to sign and date the document. 

Other things tenants should remember on moving day:

  • Take out the trash in and clean the unit you’re moving out of. 
  • Double check every space in the unit to ensure you don’t leave anything behind.
  • After everything is cleared out, clean any messes that might have occurred during the move.
  • Don’t forget to have your property manager walk through the unit with you to ensure everything is documented as you left it.
  • Return your apartment key.

Reminders for property managers:

  • Security deposits should be returned with interest.
  • Normal wear or tear is expected as items age in a rental. Worn out carpets or small stains are considered normal. Scratches, holes, or rips are considered damage.
  • Schedule the unit for cleaning, painting, and sanitizing before a new tenant moves in.

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