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Posted October 6, 2017 by Rental Advisor

Basic Rights Of A Tenant

Planning to move to a rental property? Wondering how you can identify whether or not you have signed a good tenancy agreement with the landlord? Worry not! As a rental property management service provider, we’ve got your back.

Both the landlord and tenants have certain respective privileges, which are protected and guaranteed by the law. As the landlord has the right to a good tenant, the tenant has the right to a good landlord who does not exploit them. To identify a reliable landlord and prevent exploitation, you need to be aware of your rights as a tenant. We have given you a list of basic privileges that you are entitled to as a tenant.

Freedom From Discrimination

Some landlords tend to discriminate while renting their properties. they may not prefer to rent their home to you because you have kids, or you are an immigrant, or you are a bachelor. Whatever the reason might be, as a tenant, you have the right to move to a rental property without any discrimination. By law, a landlord cannot discriminate on the basis of race, place of origin, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or disability. Non-discrimination while renting a property is your basic right as a tenant.

Have Legal Documents

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did not have a copy of the tenancy agreement you signed? You may not be aware of the clauses in the document and you could be exploited.

If a landlord refused to give you a copy of the agreement, it is definitely a red flag. As a tenant, you not only have the right to the copy of the agreement but also a written notice or a book that has your landlord’s name and address, details of your rental amount, all your rent receipts, and any other legal documents related to the tenancy agreement.

Safe Property to Call Home with Basic Services

A safe environment is of utmost importance when renting a property. Any harassment on behalf of the landlord calls for legal action. a landlord has no right to step into your premises without your consent or providing a minimum of 24 hours notice (except in case of emergencies), stop basic utilities, or carry out any act of violence. As a tenant, you have the right to heat, hot and cold water supply, electricity, gas, etc. and any other basic amenities. Also, landlords must attend to any repairs if mentioned in the agreement. A safe place with all the basic amenities is your right as a tenant.

Protection Against Illegal Eviction

A landlord has the right to evict you only for certain reasons. For example, if a tenant is problematic and disturbs the surrounding area or damages the property despite being warned, or substantially breaches the signed tenancy agreement, a landlord can evict them by following the legal procedure and providing sufficient notice period. But, if the tenant has not done anything wrong and the landlord demands eviction without following a legal procedure, the tenant can enforce rights to lawful eviction.

Being aware of your rights as a tenant is the first step towards moving into a rental property. While one can do this on their own, it is best to hire a rental property management service provider. Their expertise in the business ensures you retain all your rights and enter into a secure and protected tenancy agreement.