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Posted December 28, 2017 by Rental Advisor

Are Your Rentals Safe

Your rental property should never be in a condition that compromises the safety of your investment, or the safety of potential tenants. There are multiple things to keep in mind when ensuring the safety of your property. At the Rental Advisors, we always pay careful attention to both attractiveness and overall safety of your property and your tenant. This level of care is displayed right from the start, and we also carefully screen each and every potential tenant of yours to ensure that your property is safe with the tenant.

Is Your Tenant Safe With Your Property?

Does your property meet the health and safety standards for your tenants? Note: landlords are completely responsible should a mishap occur.

Ceilings and Rooftops

It is highly recommended that you check if there are any cracks or leakage, or the possibility of one. This could be an indication that this is time for some repair work. If unaddressed in a timely fashion, this could result in major damage to your property. In the worst case scenario, the ceiling could collapse thereby affecting the tenants. Severe structural damage could also lead to costly repairs in the future.

Main Entrance Gate and Doors

Property Management companies strongly recommend that properties have a solid, dependable main gate to protect the entrance/exit points of the property. An unsteady and unstable main door that does not shut properly puts your tenant at risk of an intrusion. It is also advisable, as a precautionary measure to have security cameras outside the main entrance, in order to track possible burglars.


Appropriate fencing around your property only strengthens the security of your property. Lack of suitable fencing not only puts your property at risk but also endangers the safety of your tenants. When the security of your property appears to look compromised, real estate management companies find it difficult to properly market your property. Among factors that tenants consider before they decide to rent a property, security and privacy are stated most often.

properly market your property

Is Your Property Safe with Your Tenant?

It is equally important to be sure that your property is not at risk of being used by the wrong people for illegal activities.It is smarter to rent through property management companies, as they do the necessary background checks.

Background Checks

This is a preventive step that, ideally, should be taken well before the tenancy could start. When considering various rental applications, it is important to conduct a basic tenant screening to ensure that your property is rented out to a safe tenant. This includes checking credit score check, verifying previous landlord references and employment references. You do not want to risk the possibility that your property provides shelter to a criminal. It could get worse if the authorities discover that your property was used for illegal activities.

Recklessness and Vandalism

One of the most important functions of the landlord is to inspect his property periodically. This is done to ensure that your property is being treated with proper care and respect. Furthermore, this is done to spot if there is any damage caused to the property because of the tenant, be it intentionally or unintentionally.

Real estate management companies often state safety is paramount. Further, this landlord specific service providers could help you with further pressing questions that you rightfully have as a responsible landlord.