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Posted September 7, 2018 by Rental Advisor

The Portrait of a Perfect Rental Property

Identifying the perfect rental property to call ‘home’ can seem precarious, especially when you are bombarded with multiple real estate hoardings and ads. Choosing the right rental property that has  all the essential features and amenities is a time-consuming task. Therefore, taking assistance from a rental property company and management is always beneficial in finding the right rental home. Whether you are looking for a long-term lease or a short tenancy, these are a few fundamental household aspects you need to deem about your perfect rental home before you put down your application for rental accommodation.

The Location

Map your daily routine to get an idea of what are your priorities and whereabouts. Look for a property that is closer to your place of work, has grocery and general stores around, has restaurants for food to be delivered quicker, and that has community parks to relax. An hour-long commute to work or having to go out of the way to get a nice dinner can be a flimsy choice for a long-term place to call home.  

The Security and Safety

Safety goes conjointly with location. A safe neighborhood can be tricky to judge. Therefore, researching crime statistics of the site is an essential step to follow while considering rental properties in an unfamiliar area. Ask neighboring people for the frequency of police presence and recent criminal activities in the area. Check if the rental property has an alarm service added or any other security systems installed.

The Schools District

If you are looking for a long-term rental home and have school-going children, schools in the nearby locality is a factor that you will surely consider. Along with location, considering the area’s school district and the quality of the educational institution is an important predictor of the neighborhood quality as well.

The Parking

Imagine driving around for hours looking for a parking spot, especially if you have a bundle of groceries in the car. How inconvenient that would be? If the property is located in a suburban area, there may be plenty of parking available on the street. However, in the tight spaces of an urban environment, parking is an important consideration. If the rental property doesn’t offer a parking space, look whether there is a parking garage suggested or directed by the landlord that is within five to six blocks from the property. However, if parking is provided, look for rules outlined in the lease post sign that protects the property from unauthorized users of the parking space. These rules provide satisfactory parking needs and a worry-free rental home.

The Move-in Ready Condition

Repairs in units or uncommon areas are disruptive and bothersome. During the site-visit of your rental home, check and examine the house if it requires painting, carpeting, or cleaning. A furnished home can make it easy to settle on as one can have enough storage space and a bed to conveniently start living the very next day. A sizable closet should be on your checklist for furniture too. A rental property that is furnished and well-kept usually sets the expectation of maintaining high standards of cleanliness. Such homes are definite to get settled on, benefiting both the tenant and the landlord.

The Age of the Property

It’s worth repeating that no one wants the hassle of tiresome repairs. Look for newer homes with newer plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems that are less likely to break down and require repair.

The Appliances Included

Renting a house means avoiding the hassle of having to purchase large and costly appliances that you may not need to carry to your next home or be responsible for if they break. Washing clothes at the local laundromat can be expensive and time-consuming, so look for a rental that includes an in-unit washer and dryer as well.

The Outdoor Space

An outdoor space setting for some fresh air is definitely an icing on the cake for the perfect rental property. The outdoor space can attract a wide domain of prospective tenants, a student, a family with children, solo working tenants, couples, etc. A private backyard or balcony is an incredibly attractive value-add to urban dwellers and is a great way to differentiate your rental property from a similar one down the street.

Some Tips to Create the Perfect Rental Property

Attracting and retaining high-quality tenants is necessary for a landlord. Since most landlords know what qualities make an ideal tenant, the landscape can be fairly competitive when it comes to finding these tenants. If you’re looking for a way to boost your chances of finding an excellent tenant, take a look at these features that can help your rental property stand out from the rest.

The Entrance: The first impression always counts! Give the front of the house a coat of paint – including the front door if you’ve got a rundown looking wooden or composite door. Put any bins out of sight, tidy-up the path to the front door, cut any grass hedges or trees.

The Flooring: The driveway and even the interior flooring suffers a lot of wear and tear in urban areas. Good quality laminate is needed for entrance hallway and kitchen floorings. Make sure it doesn’t easily rip. For the rest of the property consider dark colored carpets to avoid visibility of stains and easy maintenance.

The Walls: As far as possible, keep it simple. Neutral colors and pastel shades work well for interior walls. It is worth using the same color and brand in every room of the property. When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, spend a little more and go for water-resistant eggshell or acrylic paint. It will last a lot longer than other regular paints.

The Bathrooms: At the very least, install a shower! Properties with just a bath are harder to find tenants as most people will prefer a shower. Install a shower over a bath so you have all the bases covered. Do install a boiler or an electric geyser for convenience for the tenant. If it’s possible, have more than one bathroom or at least another toilet to avoid emergencies if one needs plumbing.

The Kitchen: A ready-to-use kitchen is a priority when it comes to having rental homes. Although kitchens are expensive to upgrade, it is definitely worth replacing old cabinet doors and cooking space surface to make it look new. Avoid integrated appliances as they are expensive to repair or replace if anything goes wrong.

The Electrics: This isn’t always possible, but try and have plenty of plug sockets. It’s not necessarily going to gain you any extra rent, but it makes for comfortable living. More and more gadgets these days need to be charged with USB ports. You can now get sockets with built-in USB charging ports. It is not an essential need for priority but surely adds an extra attribute to your house.

Approaching a rental property company can benefit both, the tenant and the landlord. Whether you are searching a property to rent out, or you own a property and wish to give it on a lease, Rental Advisors can easily help you with their huge online listings of rental properties and property evaluation services.