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Posted September 16, 2022 by Rental Advisors

Tools All Renters Should Own

While renting an apartment or house provides peace of mind when it comes to repairs, it doesn’t mean you won’t need tools of your own. Our friendly and professional maintenance team will tend to all major repairs; however, there are some tools every renter should own. 

Because you won’t need many tools as a renter, purchasing a small toolbox is efficient and will help keep everything together. 

An adjustable wrench. The benefit to buying an adjustable slim jaw wrench is you’ll get a variety of sizes with only one tool. Slim jaw wrenches will fit in tight spaces and can assist in a variety of jobs. Buying two different sized adjustable wrenches will still only take up a small space while giving you nearly every size wrench you could need.

A lightweight hammer. While renters don’t have much of a need for a heavy weight hammer, a lightweight hammer can be used for hanging pictures or building furniture. The claw hammer can also be used to take apart furniture and this dual use makes it a staple for any toolbox.

An all-in-one ratcheting screwdriver. Buying a set of screwdrivers does insure you’ll get the right size; however, screwdriver sets take up a lot of space. Instead, purchase an all-in-one ratcheting screwdriver set that allows you to fasten screws in tight spaces with a wide variety of bits to tackle any screw. 

Every toolbox needs a tape measure, level, and stud finder. These tools are imperative for hanging frames, laying out your décor, and ensuring you’re using a stud to hang heavy objects. Choose a 25 foot tape measure, and the Mastercraft Magnetic Stud Finder has a level included to help you save space in your toolbox.  

Other items we recommend include safety glasses, duct tape, and an assortment of nails, screws, and nuts. Having some wood and super glue on hand can help you make small repairs on furniture and different types of fasteners, hooks, and tacks can help you decorate without hesitation. 

When you’re ready for your first apartment or in need of a rental upgrade, we’ve got a variety of suites available in Alberta to meet your needs.