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Posted November 25, 2023 by Rental Advisors

Transitioning Your Home Decor Between Holidays

As the holidays get into full swing, so too does the decorating. But with so many festivities, it’s hard to keep up. Finding the balance between festive flair and seasonal charm without uprooting your whole aesthetic can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you transition your home with the holiday fun while maintaining a cohesive atmosphere.

Start With a Neutral Base

Having a blank slate with versatile decor and furnishings will help make the decorating process easier. When making over a room initially, include more neutral shades that will not clash with the distinct seasonal colours of each holiday. Greys, blacks, beiges and whites are the best way to go. Incorporate these into features such as the wall colours, flooring, curtains and furniture itself.

Use Seasonal Colours and Elements

Each holiday has an array of colours to signify its presence, so utilize these as your pops of colour. Green and red are at the forefront of Christmas, so buy a red table runner or a green decorative pillow. This can be done with autumnal colours (orange, brown, muted reds and dark greens), spring shades (pastel pinks, blues, yellows and greens) and summer hues (bright blues and greens). As well, bring in seasonal flowers or greenery to enhance the holiday aesthetic. Pinecones are great for fall and winter, peonies are perfect for the warmer seasons and succulents and decorative branches work all year long.

Rotate Artwork, Textiles and Small Decor

Having furnishings that can easily be swapped out is important. Textiles – such as rugs, pillows and blankets – can not only be changed effortlessly but can also help bring seasonal colours into the space in a unique way. They can also have more holiday-specific elements, like turkeys, pumpkins and bunnies. The same can be done with artwork. Keep your regular frames and add beach scenes or snowy landscapes depending on the time of year. Lastly, small decor like candles, figurines and table centerpieces can be alternated to infuse a fresh, seasonal ambience into the space.

Incorporate Decor That is Not Holiday-Specific

While it may feel like festivities are happening non-stop, there are some moments throughout the year where holiday-specific decor is not needed. In these instances, it is important to highlight the season in a more minimalistic way. Keep gourds for fall without jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, snowflakes for winter without Santa for Christmas, and flowers for spring without the Easter Bunny and eggs. Having these subtle, but fun accents will help keep you in the festive spirit without overwhelming your home.

Customize Your Lighting

If you have smart light bulbs, they can serve as a great addition to your seasonal decor. Use their colour-changing feature to compliment the hues for the holiday and create a cozy atmosphere. If you’re looking for different lighting options, some great alternatives include fairy lights and decorative lamps.

Decorate In Stages

Decorating can be a long and tedious process, so try completing it in stages. This will help between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas as it spreads out the process and makes it feel less overwhelming. During this time, start by adding green elements. You could potentially put up your Christmas tree, but do not dress it with ornaments immediately. Swap your pumpkin candles for Christmas-friendly smells, like cinnamon or apple. Add rustic elements like wood and garland. Once you’re ready, you can unleash Christmas decor onto your home without getting overloaded.