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Posted July 14, 2017 by Rental Advisor

The Worst Home Buying Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Buying your home for the first time can be overwhelming. After months of saving and sacrifices, you have sufficient money to buy a new home. Now the bigger task is to ensure you get your desired home without tripping up or making any mistakes. Don’t be worried about things going wrong. We have listed down a few mistakes the first time home buyers make so that you avoid them.
Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Going Beyond Your Budget

Although you might have planned for a specific budget, you may still end up paying more than you expected. You may be presented with a condo that is much expensive than your budget and is persuaded to buy it. Real estate agents will talk you to the next level by highlighting the features of the condo and making it look more appealing. Plus, it’s human tendency to want more than what you can afford but you need to be careful. If you end up going beyond your budget, your future finances will be hampered. Your banker will provide your credit based on your ability to repay the loan and so, you need to be careful that you do not overspend. Furthermore, it will only increase your interest rate and the time period to repay the loan. Hence, be careful that you avoid this mistake when buying your home.

Ignoring Additional Costs

When you buy a home, there will be other costs that you will have to incur. Most of them make the mistake of considering only the cost of buying a condo. Other costs include maintenance costs, utilities, property tax, mortgage insurance, etc. In fact, the actual monthly costs may end up being more than what you can afford. Also, if the new home is far from where you stay, the moving cost will increase. Therefore, set aside a budget for all these additional costs and only then decide whether the new home is worth buying.

Neglecting to Inspect

Another common mistake that you may make is to look at your dream home from the outside and going ahead with the signing the deed. Even if you check the interior of the house, make sure you have a thorough inspection of each and every room and corner. You don’t want to spend your money on carrying out unexpected maintenance or repair works. Therefore, do not be overly happy that you have a good deal in hand and ensure the physical condition of the house is in good shape.
Mistakes You Want to Avoid
You can even consider a professional to check the condition of your new home. A professional is well-trained and experienced to identify any faults in your condo. So, if there are any pipe leaks or problems with the HVAC system, then they can be identified by these professionals. However, be careful that the professional is not recommended by the selling agent.

Failing to Take it in Writing

Whatever you discuss with your sales agent, ensure you take it in writing. Do not assume that the kitchen appliances and furniture will come along with your condo. Confirm it with your sales agent. If the cost of buying a house is more, then you do not want to incur more costs in purchasing the basic household stuff. Also, make it a point to go through your contract properly. If the item you expect to be there in your home, then ensure it is mentioned in your papers.
Apart from the above-mentioned mistakes first time home buyers make, see to it that you consult with a professional rental advisor. They will ensure that you do not make any mistakes with respect to your mortgage, compromising on important things, not having the right protection clauses in your sale contract, and other mistakes first time home buyers make. You will get the home you always desired at the right cost and without any hassles.