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Posted April 4, 2024 by Rental Advisors

Appliance Alternatives for Renters

Renters often face limitations with what they can do with their living space, including with appliances. Whether you’re seeking to increase your home’s functionality, save on your monthly bills or enhance your overall quality of living, we have curated a list of appliance alternatives that can help you do so. 

Oven/Stove Alternatives

If you find that your apartment doesn’t come with a stove or you are looking for a more compact appliance, there are some alternatives you can purchase to fulfill your cooking needs. First, portable induction cooktops are a great replacement for stovetops. They are safe and effective, heating up quickly for everyday use. They can be placed on any flat surface and their portability allows them to move from rental to rental with you. Plus, they are easy to use, relatively inexpensive and simple to clean. If you want to be able to bake, roast, broil or toast your food, look into getting a countertop convection oven. These small but mighty devices offer a wide range of cooking options without the hassle of installing a new appliance. If this is too expensive, some air fryers, microwaves and electric pressure cookers can give you the versatility and functionality you’re looking for at a lower price tag.

Dishwasher Alternatives

If you find that the dishes are piling up and take too long to clean, look into getting a portable dishwasher or countertop dishwasher. The installation is easy as it only needs to be hooked up to an outlet and faucet. Since countertop dishwashers are often smaller than traditional ones, they also consume less water and energy which can lower your monthly bills. With both types of appliances, you are not sacrificing functionality for convenience.

Fridge and Freezer Alternative

Some apartments come with smaller fridges that have limited space for frozen goods. If you find that you need additional cold storage, invest in a compact fridge and freezer. While they are smaller, their portability allows you to move it to any space in your home for convenient use. While a mini fridge can be another solution, it often comes with less freezer space for necessary goods. Whether you need food or beverage storage, a compact fridge could be your solution.

Washing Machine Alternative

If you do not have built-in in-unit laundry, there are some gadgets out there that can make washing your clothes easier. Instead of using the shared laundry room or walking to your nearest laundromat, try a portable washing machine. These devices have gained a lot of popularity on social media for their convenience, efficiency and affordability. All it needs is a power source and somewhere to drain water to, meaning it can be easily placed in showers or bathtubs. Some even come with a connected dryer or drying cycle, meaning you can cut the time for this chore in half.

Air Conditioning Alternative

Some tenants find that their air conditioning is not powerful enough to cool their entire home. If this sounds like your experience, a window unit would be perfect for you. These are easy to install and can be moved from room to room, depending on which area needs to cool down. They are also efficient, working quickly to regulate the temperature in any space while using minimal electricity. They are cost effective, easy to find in stores and require low maintenance.