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Posted April 12, 2024 by Rental Advisors

How To Create a Multi-Functional Room in Your Rental

Living in a rental property often means adapting your lifestyle to the space available. However, you can still rent and have your home meet all of your needs. Maximize the functionality of your space by creating a multi-purpose room. In this blog, we will explore tips and ideas that can help you transform any room into a versatile space.

Before you begin creating your multi-purpose space, you need to determine what function you want the room to serve. What are your primary objectives and needs? For example, it could be a living room-office hybrid or a small workout area within your bedroom. Knowing what role the space needs to play will help guide your design decisions and maximize the room’s efficiency.

When selecting your furniture, it is best to grab pieces that serve multiple purposes. In the case of a bedroom-gym, this can be a sofa bed, futons or wall bed. If it’s a part-time office, then getting a folding or portable desk would be best suited since they can either be stored or collapse flat against the wall when not in use. As well, look for items that are easy to move around and can adapt to different room layouts. Flexible seating - like ottomans, poufs or lightweight chairs - can easily be rearranged to accommodate the different guests and activities the space may host.

Storage in these spaces is key as different tasks come with different gadgets or tools. Incorporate as much storage as possible without making the space feel packed. Bookshelves and storage furniture like ottomans are great for keeping things organized and the room clutter-free. You can also install wall-mounted shelves to maximize the vertical space, keeping the floor free from obstacles.

Screens and room dividers are a great way to physically delineate the different zones of the room. They can also add privacy, creating a sense of separation and seclusion. For example, not being able to see your desk from the living room couch will help create a stronger work-life balance and more productivity when in the designated space.

There are many design elements you can utilize to create a multi-functional room. First, add adjustable lighting. This could be done with floor lamps, wall sconces, dimmer switches or app-controlled light bulbs. These will allow you to create various ambiances depending on the room’s use, matching the mood to the activity. You can also install temporary modifications - such as removable wallpaper, adhesive hooks and temporary flooring - to personalize the space to its specific needs. A key thing to keep in mind is to use complementary colours. While you are creating different zones in the space, you want it to feel cohesive when looking at it as a whole.

Apartment rooms are often small and breaking them into different areas can make them feel cramped, so install some mirrors to help the room be perceived as bigger. With the mirrors reflecting the combination of natural and artificial light, it will brighten and visually expand the space. They can also help better define the different areas as needed.