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Posted April 26, 2022 by Rental Advisors

Bike Safety: Staying Safe While You Ride

Riding a bike to and from work or school can be a quicker way to navigate any city. Bike riding is also an excellent form of exercise and a muscle building workout. However, whether you ride a bike for leisure or as a mode of transportation, it’s important to ride safely and stay safe while on the roads. 

When buying a bike for the first time as an adult it’s important to get the correct size. Bicycle sizes vary, so either do your research to determine the size and shape that will fit you best or visit a reputable retailer that can help you.

Alberta bike safety rules and regulations state all bicycles must have at least one working brake, a bell or horn, and if used at dusk, dawn, or in the dark, a white-light headlight, red-tail light, and a red rear reflector. While helmets are a smart choice for all riders, they’re only required for riders 18 years of age or younger. Ensure your helmet is properly fitted and take the YES test provided by the Province of Alberta before riding.

Always check your bike before you ride and inspect your helmet for wear, cracks, or dents before using it. Cyclists must also obey all traffic signs and signals while on the roads. In Alberta, cyclists and drivers must leave 1 metre distance between them when passing. It’s also important to know your hand signals and use them while cycling.

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Remember to look over your shoulder before signaling, stopping, or changing lanes. Always look in the vehicles you’re about to pass and watch for opening doors. Accidents can happen, even when you’re being careful, so pack an emergency bag that includes a first aid kit, a mini air pump, spare chain, tire patch kit, and money for a cab or bus. 

Finally, protect your bike from theft by using a chain thread through both wheels and the frame and locking it around a fixed object. Both the Edmonton and Calgary Police have partnered the online bicycle registry Bike Index to prevent bike theft.