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Posted May 9, 2022 by Rental Advisors

Moving? Don't Forget to Change Your Address

After you’ve found your perfect rental, it’s time to start packing and getting excited about the move. It’s also the perfect time to start notifying companies of your change of address. 

This process can be tedious, but we’ve got a list of all the places you’ll want to remember to notify.

When moving you can register a change of address with the post office for a fee and automatically re-direct your mail to the new address for a set number of weeks. Because this comes with a fee and only lasts a few weeks, it’s better to notify companies directly.

Most importantly, you’ll want to visit an Alberta Registry agent to update your driver’s licence and contact AHCIP to update your health card. Because your licence information cannot be forwarded to another location, you should update your address within 14 days of moving. 

When updating your licences, also update your address with your car manufacturer for any recall notices, and with your insurance company. Likewise, when updating your health card, ensure your address is changed with your doctor’s office, specialists, and your pharmacists. 

Your phone and internet addresses will change when you request service for the new address. However, if you have a VoIP phone, it is possible to keep your original or landline number when you move. You’ll need to ensure your current address matches both your internet service and the company you obtained the original number from. This is important so emergency crews will have access to the address. 

Your bank and credit cards should be notified as soon as possible. With most institutions, you can register a new address and an activation date, so this can be done in advance and will automatically switch when the time comes.

Other places to notify:

  • Your employer
  • Utility providers
  • Elections Alberta, Elections Canada, and Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Schools for children or yourself
  • Your library (either log onto your account or let the library staff know on your next visit)
  • Streaming services (Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc.)
  • Cable or satellite company
  • Computer memberships (Windows, Microsoft account, etc.)
  • Magazine subscriptions, newspapers, and mailing lists
  • Rewards programs
  • Charities