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Posted September 24, 2020 by Rental Advisors

Renters Tips: Decorate Without Damaging

Everyone wants to add a personal touch to their apartment, but the key is to do it without causing any damage.

Here are a few things you can do to decorate your apartment, damage-free!


Command Strips

Command strips are hooks that have double-sided tape that is specifically designed to not remove paint or wood finish when you peel them off. This is a perfect alternative to putting nails in your wall, as you can get different varieties of command strips to suit your needs. Want to hang a picture or some indoor lights? There are command strips for both!


Wall Decals/Washi Tape

Wall decals use an adhesive that leaves no residue as you peel them off of your wall, making them the perfect way to add some colour or tie a room together. Washi tape is a special type of tape that comes in different colours, sizes and designs to help you create beautiful works of art on your walls or windows. Similar to wall decals, it uses an adhesive that easily peels off walls and windows without causing damage. Use it to create beautiful collages and hang pictures anywhere in your apartment. 


Strip lights

Adding LED strip lights can add some much needed colour and extra light to any room, creating a cool and unique atmosphere throughout your apartment. Most strip lights come with the adhesive already attached, making it as easy as sticking them to the desired surface and plugging them in! Certain types are programmable, so you can change up the colours to suit your mood. 



One of the easiest ways to decorate your apartment is to add some green life around it. There are many different types of houseplants you can get in an apartment, with some like aloe plants providing health benefits. Other plants such as bamboo can help improve the air quality in your apartment. Having a few houseplants is the perfect way to add some much needed colour and life to your apartment. 


Decorating your apartment doesn't need to involve paint, nails, or power tools. There are lots of ways to add some colour and art without causing damage. Don't be afraid to use pre-existing hardware to fill up empty space! When you're ready to find that perfect apartment to spruce up, check out some of our great rentals