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Posted October 16, 2020 by Rental Advisors

Managing Maintenance During COVID-19

Despite the current pandemic, it is still the property manager's responsibility to ensure that every apartment is habitable and remains well maintained throughout the year.

While COVID-19 poses some challenges, there are ways you can make maintenance easier and safer for everyone involved. 


Understanding How to Be Safe

Throughout the pandemic we have received an abundance of information regarding how to stay safe and avoid contracting COVID-19. The easiest way to avoid getting COVID-19 is to follow the simple steps that CDC has outlined, which include washing your hands, wearing a mask, and keeping your distance from others. However, in some cases a property manager or other essential worker may have to enter a unit to take care of repairs and other maintenance tasks. The property manager should ensure those who must enter are wearing proper personal protective equipment, and residents should do the same to ensure risk is mitigated as much as possible. 



Communication between property managers and residents is especially critical during a pandemic for maintaining a safe environment. Outlining rules and regulations on using common spaces and paying rent is essential on the part of property managers, so that residents are not left with any further questions in already uncertain times. At the same time, residents should ensure they are keeping their property managers in the loop on any repairs or other needs, even if this means allowing someone into the unit to ensure things are repaired properly. 


Planning and Scheduling

A preventative maintenance schedule can help renters avoid some of the major issues that could otherwise arise. It will also help prevent maintenance workers from having to continuously enter into residents' apartments during this time. Preparing for the worst case scenario is critical for the safety of residents, as well as for minimizing any damage to an investment property. 


COVID-19 has complicated many aspects of our lives. Taking the time to understand what to do to ensure safety, communicating effectively with tenants, and planning ahead of time will help make these times easier for property managers, maintenance workers, and residents alike.