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Posted July 18, 2022 by Rental Advisors

How to be a Good Neighbour

Whether renting a suite in an apartment building or a house in a community, living close to others is a wonderful way to grow socially. When you’re a good neighbour, you expand your social circle and foster new relationships. 

Be considerate and think of how your actions directly affect the people you live around. Keep your yard clean and well maintained, even if your property manager handles grass cutting, you can assist by removing debris from the yard regularly. In an apartment, keep your noise level down and avoid any loud music. Remain attentive to your children; don’t let them explore the building on their own or play too rambunctiously outdoors. 

While it may be difficult to avoid noise when moving in or out; so, do your best at keeping disruptions to a minimum and apologize to your neighbours for any disturbance. Don’t leave boxes in the halls of apartment buildings and don’t block their driveway with your moving trucks. 

Be sociable and interact with your neighbours. Even if you don’t feel like you need more friends, being neighbourly has its benefits. Neighbours look out for one another and might offer to pet sit or check your mail. Resolve conflicts with neighbours easier when you know them and can talk it out. Plus, sharing space at a park, community BBQ, or laundry room is more enjoyable. So, greet your neighbours in passing and talk to them when you’re in a shared space. Get to know them and keep the channels of communication open.

Support each other with respect and always notify a neighbour when you plan a party or gathering. Let them know you might have a little extra noise, but you’ll do your best to avoid a disturbance. Or invite them to your gatherings; they’ll be less likely to be upset if they’re included in the fun. Random acts of kindness go a long way in a close knit community. Drop off essentials for a neighbour who cannot easily get out or spend a little extra time to help a neighbour with snow shoveling and garden work. 

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