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Posted February 24, 2022 by Rental Advisors

How to Save Money When Moving

Whether you choose to hire movers or enlist a few friends to help you move, costs can add up. The good news? We have a few simple tips to help save you money while moving. 

Declutter, donate, and toss as much as you can before packing. The bulk of your moving costs are generated from time and travel. When you hire professional movers, you pay by the hour along with additional fees for heavy or specialized items. If you can move less, you’ll save time. Be tough and avoid keeping anything you won’t use, isn’t sentimental, or can’t be replaced with something more efficient. 

Request a no obligation quote from a moving company. Whether you use them or not, getting a quote can help you make the decision. A professional will visit your apartment and let you know what you can expect from them. Ask about hidden fees, heavy items surcharges, and rules to follow. You can often save money by moving in the off season, through the week, or even midmonth. Remember to ask as many questions as you can. 

Never visit the new apartment empty handed. Whether you are going to clean, measure, or show your new place to friends, always take something with you. Every bit you take will save money come moving day. Clothes, plants, dishes, linen, toys, and some kitchen gadgets are suitable options. Avoid buying any furniture until after the move or have the new furniture delivered right to your new address. 

Prepare your furniture and boxes ahead of time. Disassembling bed frames, bookshelves, large furniture or tables into smaller sections will make them easier to fit into a truck. A moving company can disassemble furniture, but you’ll pay for their time. Save space and money by using some of your linens, towels, and clothing as packing materials. Also, all your packed boxes should be organized by room and labeled clearly. 

Remember, if you plan early, reduce the amount you need to move, and pack efficiently, you can save money and reduce some of the stress moving can cause. If you’re thinking about moving, check out our rentals available throughout Alberta