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Posted November 9, 2022 by Rental Advisors

How to Use Art for Relaxation

Did you know art is a powerful tool for your mental self-care? Drawing, doodling, sculpting, painting,
and colouring are excellent ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Participating in any form of art helps take
your mind off whatever is causing you stress.

To use art as a self-care tool to tackle stressful situations or manage your anxiety, you can get started
with just a few simple items. Doodling can be done on plain or lined paper and by using a pencil, pen,
marker or other writing instrument. To start, let your mind go and don’t try to draw anything specific.
Start with a blank page, begin on any point of the page with simple lines. Use swirls, dots, spirals, or
shapes you like and create a repeating pattern to fill the page.

Not sure doodling is for you? Adult colouring books provide a readymade image to colour. These books
are available at most stores allow you to pick your theme and colour the pages anyway you choose.
Colouring is relaxing and easy to do and can help you spark your creativity.

Kids know how relaxing it is to play with Playdoh and we can take direction from them. Playing and
sculpting with dough can strengthen your hands while relaxing your mind. Kinetic Sand is another
material that can really help with relaxation. This sand will form solid shapes, then dissolve into a sand
pile with a little pressure.

Drawing can help relieve stress with simple lines and shapes. There are several art projects that are easy
to do and don’t require much skill. Using a sketchbook, you can start a new page each day and have all
your art in one place. A sketch book can be picked up at a dollar store and used like a journal for a
cathartic escape from your daily routine.

It’s important to understand art therapy is different from self-lead art for relaxation. If you’re
overwhelmed with stress and or anxiety, consult with an art therapist or councilor. Find a therapist near
our Calgary rentals at Bloom Art Therapy & Counselling or near our Edmonton rentals at Reach
Psychological Services.