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Posted January 11, 2023 by Rental Advisors

New Year’s Resolutions and How to Stick With Them

A new year brings new joys, challenges, and achievements. Many people make resolutions to better
themselves in the new year. Unfortunately, many resolutions don’t make it past Valentine’s Day. If
you’re determined to make the most of your resolutions this year, we’ve got some helpful tips to keep
you on track.

This year, instead of making grand resolutions to yourself, keep it simple. Smaller goals are easier to
achieve. There’s no better feeling than meeting a goal or striking something off your list. When
attempting to kick a bad habit, try inserting a good habit first. Do more of the good habit and less of the
bad habit until you can see yourself eliminating the bad altogether.

If your resolution is to live healthier, break it down into smaller goals. Instead of eliminating excess
sugars all together, try eliminating them for just one day a week. Pick a day each week to make a healthy
meal at home. Visit the farmers market to explore healthy foods and how to make them. Start using the
stairs instead of the elevator. Little changes done over several months will build healthy habits that’ll
help you reach your goal.

Likewise, if you’ve decided this is your year to quit a bad habit, avoid going cold turkey. Habits are hard
to break and even harder when you don’t have a plan. Start by figuring out what triggers you, then look
for other things to do instead. If stress is a trigger, try meditating, yoga, or other mindful exercises that
help eliminate stress. Make a goal to reduce how often you succumb to your bad habit, then take small
steps to eliminate it all together.

If your resolution is to save or make more money, start with a look at your current finances. Look for
easy ways to save money, like making coffee instead of buying it. Create a budget and review your
current bills to see if they can be reduced. Automating your bills will help you pay them on time and
avoid late fees. Then look for simple ways to increase your income. Sell stuff you no longer need,
carpool with coworkers, or turn your hobby into an income by selling your creations.