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Posted December 20, 2022 by Rental Advisors

Volunteering: What Places Need Your Help in Edmonton and Calgary

Spreading holiday cheer is as easy as holding the door open for someone, paying for the person behind you in the drive through, or simply being kind. If you love spreading cheer and want to make a difference in your own community this year, consider volunteer work. 

Food banks are often the busiest during the holidays and always need extra hands. Join the many amazing volunteers at the Edmonton Food Bank. Volunteers 14 and older are needed in the warehouse to fill hampers, sort food, repackage foods, and so much more. The Calgary Food Bank also needs volunteers and donations year round of nonperishable grocery items, fresh food, and money.

Everyone needs a safe place to live. This season donate your time to help homeless people get back on their feet. The Calgary Drop-in Centre provides temporary shelter, employment training, housing support and more. The Calgary Drop-in Centre needs volunteers to serve food, work in the warehouse, and even knit winter wear. Additionally, Hope Mission in Edmonton needs volunteers to serve meals, sort donations, work in the shelter to help those less fortunate.

Support seniors this year with Calgary Seniors Resource Society. Volunteers are needed to take seniors shopping, drive them to appointments, visit socially, and assist with pet care. Many seniors are isolated and in need of a social connection, they’re concerned about how to get where they need to be safely. If you want to help, volunteer with Calgary Seniors Resource Society. All volunteers are properly trained and evaluated. 

Animals need your help year round, but the holidays see many comings and goings. Spend your extra time volunteering as a shelter assistant at the Edmonton Humane Society. Walk dogs, cuddle cats, do laundry, cleaning, or administrative work. There’s always something to do at the shelter. Even if you can’t spend a few hours at a shelter, but still want to help, give fostering a chance. With an overwhelming number of animals in need of a safe space to live, many need foster care to overcome a sickness or behavioural issue or just because they’re too young to be adopted.