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Posted February 4, 2022 by Rental Advisors

How to Survive Moving in the Winter

Don’t let a winter move get you down. Here at Re/max Rental Advisors, we have some helpful tips on how to survive your winter weather move. 

Whether you’re moving across town or a few hours away, surviving the move starts with how you pack. Due to frigid temperatures, breakables are more fragile, and plastics can break. Double wrap all breakables and protect any large objects with blankets or towels. Cold plastic totes can break if dropped, or the lids can crack if you open them when cold. It’s safer to let all breakables warm to room temperature before unpacking. Organize your boxes and totes by room then colour code or clearly label each parcel. 

Moving companies aren’t as busy during the winter, which could mean extra savings or promotions for you. Movers generally provide advice on packing and organizing your belongings to help save time and money. When using a moving company, book ahead of time and have everything ready the night before so you won’t get caught unprepared.

If you choose to move without the help of a moving company, make sure everyone helping you knows the route well. Keep pathways and driveways clear of snow and ice and sprinkle salt to avoid slips and falls. Keep shovels handy to ensure paths are always clear. Remember to take several hot beverage breaks and keep children in a warm area until the move is complete. 

Protect both rentals from the messy winter weather. Keep the muck and slush outdoors by designating helpers for indoors and others for outdoors. Boxes and large items can be passed off to indoor helpers to keep the mess to a minimum. Alternatively, place tarps, cardboard, or plastic runners along high traffic areas in both rentals. A few old towels left at the entrance can help dry off anything snow covered or wet. 

Moving in the winter can be tricky, but when you take it slow and allow extra time to move, it can be a lot easier. We have several rentals available throughout Alberta and our staff are always happy to answer any questions you have regarding a winter move.